Which is older: offline poker straight or flush?

Every player in online poker should know the rules and names of combinations for stable wins. Some beginners are inexperienced and confuse the height of combinations and do not know which is more superior: straight or flush. It is necessary to consider this question and determine some features of the game for these combinations.

So, which is higher in value: straight or a flush?

Straight and flush are in the middle of the general list of poker combinations. They are not so common, but every poker player should know the features and their differences. Usually, a straight or a flush is most often confused by newcomers. With a pair, two pairs, and a set, such problems do not arise, since it is immediately clear that you need to collect two identical cards. Now you need to learn to distinguish between straight and flush and know their seniority.

A straight is five cards that go by seniority in a row. For example, Four + Five +Six + Seven + Eight. The type of suit in this case does not play any role.

A flush is five cards of the same suit. For example, five spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds. Here, the sequence of cards does not matter. It is important that there is only the same suit.

The question arises: which is stronger – straight or flush? According to the poker table, the straight is lower than the flush and is a weaker combination. Beginners confuse this fact, thinking that it is easier to collect five matching cards than to arrange five cards in ascending order.

However, according to offline poker statistics and odds, we see the following picture:

  • The chance to collect a straight is 255 to 1.
  • The chance to collect a flush in poker is 509 to 1.

Not everyone understands why there is such a difference in poker texas holdem odds between these combinations. Think about the fact that there are only 13 cards of a certain suit in the deck. Therefore, when collecting flash draws, we have a limited number of poker outs that will collect us a ready-made combination.

For the straight, there is a larger range of cards, since you can build a combination in a row from five cards of any suit. This is why there is such a big gap between the chances of these types of combinations.

How do I compare streets and flushes?

We figured out that the flush is stronger than the street. However, there are height disputes between these specific combinations. For example, when two players simultaneously collected different straights or flushes. How do I determine the winner?

In the height of the flush, the highest card of a certain suit is also important. The one who has the highest score on their hands has collected the winning flush. If the highest card in suit is on the table, then the next card in height in the hands of the players is compared. In the case of a shared flush on the table, the pot is divided equally between the participants of the hand.

If the flush on the table is higher than the cards in the hands of the players, then it is considered common. In this case, it does not matter whether the opponent has this suit on their hands or not. The bank will still be divided among the participants, since there are 5 cards on the table in common.

In poker, it is impossible to collect two flushes of different suits. Therefore, there will be no disputes.


Now you know exactly what is better in poker: straight or flush. If in doubt, always remember the chances of collecting these combinations and the number of matching cards in the deck. Remember that only 5 cards are involved in collecting the combination. Therefore, check the height of the straight or flush by the highest card in your combination.

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