What do I need to play online poker games?

Many beginners are wondering what it takes to play online poker in order to become a real professional in the future. What should I pay attention to first?

Poker is a multi-dimensional game where psychology, mathematical calculation and a clear adherence to the poker strategy play an important role. Therefore, we will analyze separately what you need to play poker at home and how to approach the professional level.

What do I need for a home game?

Usually everyone starts with playing poker games at home with friends or relatives. At a home game, novices are introduced to the first concepts of poker. Here are trained to quickly identify poker hands, betting, and apply a bluff. Home games are played either for conditional chips, or for a small amount of money, which is not a pity to lose to friends.

Here’s what you need to play poker at home:

  • A deck of 52 playing cards.
  • Poker chip.
  • Dealer icon that determines the order of bids.
  • Table for the game.

Playing at home, you need to strive not for a big win, but to gain experience and knowledge. Try new strategies, train your bluff, and learn to control your emotions. All these skills will be necessary in a professional game.

What do you need to play professional online poker?

After home games, you can switch to a more complex type of game – poker in professional clubs or in a poker room. Playing poker online free is quite simple, as you can hide your emotions from the players. However, at major poker tournaments, games are played live and many online players get lost and make mistakes at this point.

Therefore, to play poker, you need to constantly maintain your fighting skills in online mode. It is important to be able to hide your emotions and not show excitement in a difficult situation.

Here’s what you need for a professional poker game:

  • Change your attitude to money. Many beginners are afraid of losing even the minimum amount of money, which greatly limits their game. You need to remember that in poker there are always bets and money will move from one player to another. You do not need to be afraid of temporary loss of your money. After all, with the right game, you can take a large bank and increase your capital.
  • For poker, you need to get the most knowledge. Read more books about poker, learn strategies, and watch themed videos. Then you will learn to play at a professional level.
  • Constant concentration and analysis of the distribution. At the table, you need to constantly monitor your opponents, open cards, and the size of your bets. It is necessary that the brain works as much as possible, quickly conducts analysis and can use the information received to make the right decisions.

Level of thinking

This phenomenon has become a derivative of the psychology of poker and is conditionally divided into several levels:

  • First level. The player is working to understand what cards the opponent is playing.
  • Second level. Understanding your opponents’ thoughts about your cards.
  • Third level. Understanding the opponents’ thoughts about your thoughts about their cards.
  • Zero level. It was deliberately left at the end of the list, because it is not aimed at analyzing opponents. All players start from zero and are fixated on their cards and the chances of winning in poker.

Players from the TOP 20 in the world talk in books and interviews about deeper levels of poker thinking. Without the listener reaching a certain threshold of perception, it is difficult to understand what is being said.

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